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Thus, the capitalization of Snap has been about $ 34 billion. Though, we’ll discuss the monetization issue a little later. Since early summer 2011, the guys had been working on an application . The famous logo of the instant messenger was drawn by Spiegel himself, and since then the recognizable ghost-resembling symbol has hardly been changed. For years, we thought everything that goes on the Internet remains online forever. Machine learning – the way of teaching algorithms to AI for the better outcome while processing the data.

create app like snapchat

Quality Assurance is carried out by the QA team to ensure that the features and functions are performing as per plan. Testing also ascertains that the application is free of bugs. The Add Nearby feature makes use of your location and automatically scans in users within your proximity who have enabled this function on their Snapchat app too. This is a custom Snapchat feature where messages sent between users automatically self-destruct within a few seconds.

How to develop an app like Snapchat

The store offers a range of products, including clothes and accessories for users’ Bitmoji avatar characters, as well as Snap Streak hats and T-shirts. The launch of Snap Store is a clever way create app like snapchat for the company to increase its revenue generation and engage its user base in a new way. Snapchat branded geofilter is a popular way for users to add an extra layer of fun to their snaps.

create app like snapchat

On the next screen, you must assign a start and end time for your filter. You can also select Repeating Event to have the filter run at different times, daily or weekly. When you want to show off your business or celebrate a special event, a paid Snapchat filter is the right choice for you. On the other hand, you can also choose to create a free community filter that represents a location or a moment (sports game, concert, etc.). A Story is a photo or video that’s visible to all of user’s friends and that disappears after 24 hours.

Now, let’s explore what Snapchat is made of and what are its most important features. Advertising API. Also, Snapchat revenue comes from ads API, it released promotional tools like snap ads, expandable ‘Snap Ads’, and advertising API. If you like to keep one of those, you can pay a small fee and it won’t disappear. We can talk on and on about how great and amazing Snapchat is, but, there is no sense in digging deeper without knowing if it will become profitable. Snapchat gets a lot of money through lots of different revenue models. For example, it will be much more expensive to build an app in North America with a rate of $150/hour.

#5. Celebrities contribute to the Snapchat’s success

Users can find this in the story section, but it is essential to know it can disappear in 24 hours. To create a social networking app, you must be an Entertainment app development company during the most crucial stage of development. Numerous people will like the app’s straightforward, beautiful, and user-friendly features and functions. Make sure your opponent doesn’t already have something similar to what you have before designing a social networking app. Below mentioned section showcase the step-by-step guide on “how to create an app like Snapchat” for the users searching for it.

You should include the Registration feature in every social media app, including Snapchat. Users must sign up for Snapchat and submit their first or last names in this feature. It allows users to create personal accounts after registration, click photos, share them with friends, talk with others, etc.

  • With time, several new features have been added to its core functions evolving more like a perfect blend of a public and private messaging platform.
  • Threema is an anonymous messaging app that helps you protect your messages through the NaCI cryptography library.
  • You must add behavioral data to understand what drives each user’s decision.
  • By adding additional features with paid access, you can earn a considerate amount without bothering your audience with excessive ads.
  • We’ll help you find the most beneficial solution for your project, ensuring it gets the attention of your target audience and provides a perfect UX.

Ready carefully to avoid mistakes in the development process. When you begin with your app development process, it will be a smart move to study how Snapchat has journeyed through its various stages of growth and expansion. It is not necessary to make an identical clone but bring out your unique idea into the forefront. Their recent Chat 2.0 update enables users to make video and audio calls along with sending audio notes.

#2. Messaging

Every day a user has a choice of seven lenses that he or she can apply to their picture and change their look with different face-filters. You can’t apply this feature to photos that have already been taken. This feature is now available on multiple other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but Snapchat can be credited as the first one to launch this feature. Users can add a photo or video as a story which will be available for their friends to view as many times as they want, but only for 24 hours, after which it will disappear. Appy Pie’s instant messaging app builder lets anyone with an internet-connected device build an app like Snapchat in minutes, that too without any coding. Since Snapchat is a social network, its users most likely care about their data and personal content.

One of the most unique features of the app was called image processing capabilities, which allowed users to apply Snapchat filters and lenses to their photos and videos. The company partnered with a number of third-party developers who created their own custom lenses for the app. As a result, snapchat is able to offer an ever-growing variety of lenses to its users, giving them even more reasons to use the messenger app on a daily basis. In just a few short years, social media apps like Snapchat have become an integral part of our lives. We use them to connect with friends and family, share news and experiences, and stay up-to-date on current events. In this guide we will explore how to create an app like snapchat in scratch.

create app like snapchat

Snapchat’s main priority is communication between users, and no conversation is complete today without some top-notch stickers. So, when making an app like Snapchat, take care of a fascinating sticker compilation. The major source of Snapchat revenue comes from advertisements.


If you are going to create a Snapchat-like app, think about some unique feature you can add so that your app becomes special. There is no need to create a pompous app at the very beginning. Keep in mind that the real Snapchat started as a small messaging app similar to Instagram where a minimum number of features was provided.

create app like snapchat

Moreover, it is among the most popular social networks of teenagers in the United States for almost 10 years. A relatively new feature on Snapchat but a meaningful way to communicate with your friends. While you can keep sending snaps and text messages to your friends on Snapchat, video and audio calls are a great way to add value to the app. Building an app prototype is not compulsory, but many developers do that to make the development process less complicated and risk-free.

How can I monetize an app like Snapchat?

Besides how to make app like Snapchat, you need to answer any other questions. One of those questions is- what’s the benefit of making an app like Snapchat? To monetize Snapchat, the company works on 3 models- Sponsored Geofilters, Advertising, and Ads API.

Programming & Technical Stack

The coding part gets confusing for most clients, but there is nothing to be afraid of. This is exactly the moment when your application comes to life. McDonald’s offers its own geofilters that visitors can use while they are there. By now, you have probably noticed that Snapchat’s unique thing is that everything is temporary, everything is urgent and important. Snapchat’s evolution from a regular messenger into a private messaging space is really exciting. Stay updated with the latest development insights, technologies, trends.

User Profiles

Deep neural networks are enabling automatic video editing for apps such as Snapchat. These machine learning algorithm are able to automatically crop and resize photos, as well as apply filters and other effects. For example, deep neural networks could be used to automatically create short video montages from a user’s photos and videos. This would provide a unique and engaging way for users to share their memories with friends and family. As machine learning algorithms continue to advance, we can expect to see even more amazing features from Snapchat and other such apps. But it’s in the lap of the future, it’s not, in fact, today’s issues.

Create a successful Snap Account on Snapchat Ad ManagerIf you choose an objective for your campaign, it will appear in the Snap Ad. After you have set up a Snap ad, decide what Snapchatters should do. This method of monetization can significantly benefit your customers and your business alike, especially if you create an integrated experience – as Snapchat and Shazam did.

Lenses and Filters

The basic thing you could do is add advertisements between snaps. This is a general practice, something similar is also used by Instagram in the “Stories” section. We’ll help you bring your idea to life using the best practices from our many years of experience. We use both tried and tested technologies as well as the latest promising innovations. Enhance your startup with IoT, AI, facial recognition, geolocation, and much more. Snapchat does notify the user when this happens, although there are ways to get around this.


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