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Surinamese wedding ceremony traditions include the Kanyadana, or maybe the giving of a little girl to a groom by her father. The ceremony also includes Panigrahana, a routine involving a fire. The groom then takes the bride’s hand in marital life as being a symbol of their union. The groom and bride also exchange rings. The wedding ceremony ceremony is normally attended by many family members.

Surinamese wedding events are social events, sometimes involving expensive feasts and sophisticated ceremonies. Surinamese individuals are influenced by Hindu, Muslim, and Christian cultures. A large number of couples choose to get betrothed at a church or in a chapel. They will dress in classic clothing for instance a koto, that was developed during the slave company. This style of clothing protects Afro-Surinamese women from other masters’ sex advances. The koto remains used today, though it is not a common wedding dress.

The event of wedding images, Surinamese Wedding party Portraits, will probably be on display at the Foam Museum in Amsterdam through September 7, 2022. The museum is start for the public during business hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Over the display, visitors can easily learn more about the history of wedding practices in Surinamese culture.

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